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Basic Plan

*Must be purchased along with the Set-Up for new Team Shops! OR you already have a shop and want to continue on with more marketing and better discounts!

What you get with your recurring $29.99/mo Subscription:

  • Continued online presence of your store on our site and yours 
  • 24-7 access to your online store
  • Complete customer service
  • Shipping and fulfillment of all products
  • Transaction fees waived
  • 40% Wholesale Discount
  • 10-30% off Retail Promo Codes
  • 50/50 Online Retail Profit Sharing
  • Quarterly edit session with one of our Team Shop Designers! **Includes 2 NEW legging designs and up to 5 NEW items with new logo in correct format or existing logo on NEW item.••
  • Terms and Details HERE