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Cancellation Options

What am I paying for over these 12 months?


What is involved when you say custom design, shop build, and service?


Can I cancel or buy out of my contract?


Here at team shop we staff a professional designer that puts in as much time as needed to get your custom designs done. This includes your multiple all over print patterns, templates, and social media marketing tools.  That could cost between $700-$1500 to complete at normal industry pricing. 

We also have someone dedicated to working with you to build your online shop and upload your artwork to the products. This can take anywhere from a couple days to multiple weeks depending on how quick you can get back to us with your approval and account setup. This could cost anywhere from $250-$500+ in time spent getting your shop ready to go live.

There are monthly fees to own and operate a website. 3rd party apps are required to make sure we have everything we need to run the business and get you paid correctly. This can cost anywhere between $100-$200 per month 

There are transaction fees and taxes we also pay per sale. Some states make you pay the tax but most make us pay the tax which we take care of no problem but it is still a cost. These vary on the amount of sales and sale price of each transaction, so the more we sell, the more we pay. You know how it goes lol!

Lastly we have our marketing team that gets your content out there on facebook, instagram, and other platforms so we can show the world your bad ass brand! Our SEO guy makes sure your stuff is tagged properly, ranks well, and drives traffic to all of our websites. They take care of email newsletters, campaigns, keywords, challenges and more so we can all do well! And ill be honest, it exceeds 2k per month pretty easily. 

We just wanted to show you that we really want this to be a no brainer for you with all the added value at just the right price. It would cost you so much more in time, energy, and money to hire someone or do this on your own. We know because we have been trying for years and we finally figured out we need to do this for others. So let us be Your Team! 


Sincerely Will & the WAYteam!


If you do decide to cancel there is a buy out of 50% of your contract. You can either shut down your store completely or switch over to our affiliate program which we can explain to you if and when ready to make that decision. You have options, there is always a WAY and we will work with you to figure it out.