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February 13, 2020 7 min read

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Live your dream and scale your business with branding expert, Will Jones! With his tips and dynamic strategies, you’ll be able to create a community with inspired branding.

Will Jones has transformed businesses with his unique approach to marketing. The services he offers concerning branding and product, will revolutionize the way your company is seen by the public! Our CEO, Len Fridman, first met Will at the Original Hot Yoga Association Conference in Austin, Texas. After speaking to him, he knew he was the real deal!

After college, Will moved to Los Angeles, an extremely health-focused city. He had the privilege of working with Tony Robbins, one of the most famous self-help gurus, where he received some private coaching. This helped him realized that health is one of the most important values in life and motivated him to pursue his passion. So, he went to teacher training in Mexico to become a yoga instructor. After completing his training, Will moved back to Los Angeles and created the WAY brand, which stands for ‘we are yoga’ with his wife and partner, Erika. In 2012, after seeing a need in the market, they created the famous WAYmat which is used in yoga and fitness studios across North America! You can find Will and Erika in sunny Ormond Beach, Florida where they have opened up their very own yoga school, We Are Yoga Ormond Beach.

We couldn’t wait to have Will co-host WellnessLiving’s Live Your Dream show so he could share his words of wisdom and inspire our growing community!


On the fourth episode of our series, Will Jones gave us some unique insight into how to use branding to create a sense of community and how to build a brand that’s bigger than your business. Read on to find out exactly what you need to do!


Will Jones starts off by encouraging all entrepreneurs and business owners to look within, in order to create things that inspire them. Before you know it, a powerful brand will emerge from this innovation and sense of creativity.

“I was questioning what I would do with my life after college,” Will tells us. “I looked within and found that when you take care of yourself and do things that inspire you, you get great ideas. Then, it’s just a matter of taking that idea and breathing some life into it so it can become something more.”

When people are in a relaxed state of mind, ideas start to flow naturally. “I get some of my best ideas when I go to yoga class,” Will explains. “You can get out of your head and things just come to you when you work your heart, work the lungs, work the liver, etc.”

It is by following this path that Will found a partner, his wife Erika, who was doing the same thing. This gave him the confidence to take his ideas further. “She gave me the inspiration I needed to go full steam ahead and start to create things that inspire me,” says Will.

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Will Jones starts off by encouraging all entrepreneurs and business owners to look within, in order to create things that inspire them.


“Whenever you’re branding or creating something, do some research.” Will encourages business owners to ask questions like is your idea out there already, is it necessary, and who are you competing with?

One of the first things Will advises entrepreneurs to do when creating their own brand is to go on Google images and type words that inspire them. “Put them in a folder and look through them,” says Will. “You’ll find inspiration in random places like the internet. Also, browse through Godaddy and see if the website you want is available. If so, go for the .com platform and buy the website.”

Don’t forget to look into social media as well. “Is the Instagram title available? Has the Facebook group name been taken?” asks Will. “This will help you test ideas out and quickly eliminate options.”


“It’s 2019 and you should be selling your own gear online,” Will Jones tells our listeners. In our extremely modernized world, this is a vital element which you must offer to keep up with competitors in your industry. Will Jones explains exactly how his company can help you.

“78% of consumers trust brands that produce custom content compared to generic content, so we wanted to go bigger and help as many studios grow their brands and businesses,” Will tells us. “We can take your business’s logo and make some custom patterns and designs out of it and put them on things like t-shirts-, yoga pants, work out shorts, and tank tops.”

“We put it on the gear and design it professionally,” Will says. “We’ll put it on our website and your website which makes your SEO ranking higher, which helps people find you online. Plus, your merchandise will get shipped anywhere in the world, with very little excess overhead and inventory. Now, your customers can go online no matter where they are and find your gear, available 24 hours a day!”


“It’s important to create something of value to your customers to give away or add to your services,” Will says. “This will make your members happy and excited to represent your brand.”

Creating value can be done in a multitude of ways, from creating an exciting email marketing strategy to handing out stickers! Will Jones explains how he was responsible for a viral sticker campaign. “We gave out stickers for free at certain events that said YOGA on it, with our brand name in smaller font on the side,” Will says. “Some people in the yoga community still have those stickers on their water bottles years later! This helps our clients immediately make a connection with our brand and each other.”

Creating something of value for your customers, like Will’s viral sticker campaign, makes them remember what he affectionately calls “their why”. “Your clients stay reminded and remember why they decided to come to your facility in the first place,” Will says. “This keeps them motivated and encourages them to stick to their commitment and fitness goals.” Not only will this increase the value of your branding, but it will boost your client retention rates in the process!


Will Jones has helped countless business owners and can catapult your brand with his incredible services! “The WAY brand gives you professional design work to get people excited about your brand,” Will tells us.

“There are three packages that we offer,” explains Will. “The first costs you nothing per month and gives you a little bit less of wholesale. With our second package, you spend a little and we will help you make those design changes you want. The third package will help you with branding your items, in addition to us helping you market it.”

Will and his team have been working with teacher training programs for example, to help them with their gear. “They have a couple of events per year, and they spend a lot of money,” Will shares. “At one event, they made a zip hoodie for 60 people, with each costing $60. Only 30 of these hoodies were given out at the end of the day.”

“Now, these companies have been saving thousands of dollars giving people on their team, teachers, and trainees, a $200 credit to go onto their online store to buy their custom branded gear,” Will says. “Instead of picking one or two things to make and sitting on them in bulk, allow your clients to pick what they want in your online store. This way, people will wear what they love and what inspires them, and your company doesn’t have to spend extra money doing it.”

“This is also a perfect platform for you to buy samples of everything you want to put in your boutique,” Will adds. “You’ll have so much variety that members at your studio will want to buy those things. They’ll tell you what they like, so you only have to order what you need so you don’t overstock your studios and invest all that money.”

“With the WAY brand, we’ll handle customer service, fulfillment, and back end tasks,” Will tells our listeners. “We’ll make it as affordable as possible and we’ll help your business grow through this additional revenue stream.”


Will Jones and his company have helped WellnessLiving boost our brand! Our online store is a hit thanks to his innovative designs and unique techniques!

will jones, wellnessliving merchandise
Will has created a multitude of branded merchandise for WellnessLiving, which our customers love!

“WAY brand has 70% repeat users,” Will tells us. “We are providing these services and you can do as much or as little as you like. Once you turn it over to us, we’ll give you something you’ll be inspired by.”

Will has created a multitude of branded merchandise for WellnessLiving, which our customers love! For example, his team was responsible for creating colorful leggings with our company logo. “It’s fun and in this way, you’re pumping culture and art into your brand,” says Will.


Will teaches all entrepreneurs and business owners a very valuable lesson. Create an authentic brand that speaks to your product, and both your staff and clients will fall in love with your mission. “In this way you’re not only generating revenue, but you’re building a community in the process,” Will says.

Will works with entrepreneurs in a range of different industries from framing art studios to software companies! To find out more about Will Jones and the WAY brand, go to

Thank you Will for bringing this insight to our community and beyond!


Source: Wellnessliving Blog

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